Health Passport

A decentralized Personal Health Record platform to deliver trusted health information to the right hands at the right time anywhere in the world

It's time to DISRUPT healthcare

Healthcare is an information science challenge where evidence is based on big data and machine learning algorithms to cure diseases, prevent illnesses, and improve outcomes. This will only truly exist with the collaboration of the 7.5+ billion people in the world. There’s much we don’t know. The answer lies in all of us. As we become more connected, Emrify presents its vision for a new platform powered by the people and for the people. Join the revolution and be the CEO of your health. The time is now to fulfill the promise of the fantastic future of medicine.

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At Emrify, we are accelerating the modernization of health records

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Health Passport beta

Be an early users to mine HIT tokens. 5% has been reserved as incentives for early supporters. Help us build the Ecosystem.

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For health stakeholders who are interested in becoming early partners, please contact us. We also have early tokens allocated for strategic partners.

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