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Be the CEO of Your Health       

Emrify is the hub for electronic health records. It lets you sync, view, and share all of your health records on the mobile device in a secured, beautiful, and easy to understand interface. It's free. It's accurate. It improves health.

Users can aggregate all of their wearable devices data such as Fitbit and SDK such as HealthKit, and Google Fit to get a comprehensive view of their progress.

Users can immediately import their CCD (continuity of care document) accessible from any Patient Portal to begin managing their health records. CCD export is required by law and offered by most providers.

Emrify empowers you to share your health data with anyone you choose by maintaining records in a highly interoperable format compliant with standards such as HL7. Your health data is yours and you are free to do whatever you wish.

Emrify acts as a center for all of your health data to increase accessibility and communication between health systems.



Join the Revolution

Emrify Chart + Access Code facilitates consumer and doctor working together.


Comprehensive Medical History

Maintain the most accurate and up to date health information on the fly.

  • - Medical conditions
  • - Medications
  • - Immunizations
  • - Allergies
  • - Blood Type
  • - Emergency contacts
  • - Medical Providers

Archive Anything

Snap a photo of a Rash.

Record video of Symptoms.

Take notes to ask doctor.

Take Control of Your Health

Monitor weight.

Record Blood Pressure.

More coming soon...

Hub for Health Devices (Coming Soon)

Sync Motion trackers like Fitbit.

Hook up third-party devices like Smart Scale.

Connect with health platforms like Google Fit

Secured Chart Access

Share private link to your Chart with your doctor.

Bank level security to protect your privacy.

Emrify ID Card

Health Information in the Right Hands at the Right Time

Emrify ID provides healthcare professionals access to the associated Emrify Account where they can view vital health history and information. EMTs, First Responders and others in a case of emergency will be well informed as they begin care. Emrify ID also allows for patient history to be shared in non-emergency situations to replace the need for carrying files of paper records and forms.

  • - Over 60 Million Americans live with a condition that should be known in an emergency situation
  • - Every 14 seconds there is a car accident that results in injuries
  • - There are over 119 million Emergency visits a year in America and increasing

Emrify ID Band

Always have accurate health information available with Emrify ID

Emrify ID Cards and Bands include a secure Emrify ID code and QR code. Entering the Emrify ID code into the website platform or scanning the QR code will access the associated Emrify Account.

How it works:

Meet the team

We're passionate about Emerging Technology to transform Healthcare.

Tom Nguyen
Founder & CEO
James Black
Vikas Singh
VP Blockchain

Contact Us


For questions and comments, please feel free to reach us.

530 Church St, suite 407
Nashville, TN 37219

(615) 625-LABS (5227)